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Hello everybody!
We are very happy to have joined your community on the dopalamy forum. We are a European store, we send parcels to Poland, and we will handle payments by bank transfers. We are currently still working on this method to make it available as long as possible. Luckily, we can offer BLIK payments at this point! Currently, support is in English, but when we get a satisfactory number of Polish customers, we will hire a Pole to handle the support. Currently, replies to Polish news will be provided by means of a translator (Please bear with us)

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, which is quite rich 🙂
We offer the most popular cathinones, benzo, tryptamines and much more. If there is interest in cbd products, we will add them to the offer. We have a supplier from Switzerland whose cbd flowers smell and taste almost like real THC marijuana!

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] and live chat in our shop.


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8 minut temu, |Pazyfea|TesterHexen'a napisał:

@rceagle.io i send private message on this forum. 

Will you also reply to private messages on this forum or only by email or livechat on your website?

We will reply everywhere 🙂

11 minut temu, GoToSleep napisał:

samples for forum users will? you have prices from space

I wrote something about prices in second forum thread called "Spam niebedacy...."

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2 godziny temu, aosik napisał:

3mmc 114zl za 1g?

Please refrain from such nonsensical postings that are not a question to the store or some kind of request or proposal. There is a place for it in the "spam" section, the issue of prices has also been mentioned.
Please follow the topic next time, especially when the topic consists of only a few posts.

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Kiedy będą recenzję produktów od osób z sample ?


Jestem również bardzo ciekawy, kto dostał te próbki, ponieważ nie było żadnej akcji, a 10 osobom zostało juz rozdane i odrazu wysłane, wszystko pierwszego dnia sklepu. Połącz z wpisem u góry kierownik

Pozdrawiam szaleńców

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