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  1. Whizzcomp


    chemcloud.nl fast and good product
  2. Same here I have like already gave up trying to figure out whats going on and I will just hope my package will be sent and that they going back to normal. But I don't have the time to be guessing and hoping all the time any longer, so until I receive my package I hope for nothing and its better to expect less than more.
  3. My order is still "The order has entered into the system".
  4. Lets hope the courier is finally done and they can start again being the best shop there is
  5. What is making me doubt is that they had said the same thing and complaining about their courier.
  6. Okay so that means that nothing will be sent today either I guess ... People that have made orders last week have your order status changed to sent? Cause mine is still showing entered into the system on the 30th of April. I am holding my thumbs and wishing that legalchem can turn this around
  7. They answered Whatsapp that they will send today or tomorrow. But if it doesnt get sent tomorrow it will feel like its never going to be sent.
  8. They send they would send it today and now it changed again?
  9. Waiting to see if my order getting sent today.
  10. I think it is great news and I will keep you posted about my order I made last week.
  11. That’s great news I will keep you posted about my order I ordered last week.
  12. Well it is not possible to order, so that doesnt make sense.
  13. Yes indeed let us pray
  14. Well I just really hope they fix this but I dont believe it until I see it.
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