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  1. oldskooldogger

    Vendor enquiry

    Thankyou for replying. What is a better and more reliable site for hexen? Also I'm using hexen really I prefer of course, the old 4-mmc, i was lucky to get it from china, then india before all the prohibition, since then it became difficult and i used mdpv, a-pvp, then a-php. I am using hexen since these became impossible for me to find. I tried 4f-php, and md-php, but maybe they were bad samples as they were terrible in my opinion. Even old c lassic amphetamine sulphate is just a joke nowadays, I used to use REAL amphetamine sulphate in the late 1980's - 1990's, and the last 10 years the paste that is being sold is not even similar, it's just like caffeine , Ive tried all the darknet sellers, as UK street dealers have TERRIBLE product, and even darknet sellers amphetamine is awful. I lived in Poland, in Gdansk, then Sopot, in 1991-1993, and amphetamine then was excellent too, but now 'Polish speed' is a name UK street dealers misuse to sell shit products. Some things in life get better as you get older, drugs just keep getting worse and worse, in general. Except MDMA, the quality of MDMA and pills has really improved recently, but its not really my favourite thing, i need something i can use daily. haha Thankyou.
  2. oldskooldogger

    Vendor enquiry

    Hi, sorry and only speak very little Polish, I made an order in November, for some hexen, from gr ** dkg, was excellent packaging, excellent product and price. they had a banner advertisement on this site i think. I was very happy and i want to make another purchase, i have to see the banner advertisement has gone now. Is this because they are not trusted? I hope they are okay, as they have the best product for the price in my opinion. Apologies for speaking only English, we are an ignorant nation.