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  1. bsand99

    Vendor enquiry

    Funky seems to be the best of the bunch at the moment. All seem good until they begin their exit strategy scam.
  2. bsand99

    Vendor enquiry

    Good to know there is an English subforum. I have been using google translate pretty well up till now. "Legalchem.euxx" were my go-to guys for the last couple of years and now they have become scammers. Had a go at RCMonster which was ok (I like 3fpm) but it appeared to be cut with some inert substance and wasn't very well packed. Was opened by customs and then resealed but still got to my address. Trying now . Will report back if it is any good.
  3. bsand99

    Stymulant na podbicie libido

    A cock ring and plenty of lubricants are your friends.
  4. bsand99

    Stymulant na podbicie libido

    Back in the day 4mmc was the daddy - then MPA which you don't seem to be able to get these days was great for a porn-wankathon. ! Don't know if google translate can do that last word justice but it works for most of the polish posts.
  5. bsand99

    3fpm powder

    Just got through 10g which was ok - but there was some inert powder in the mix which didn't dissolve in water so I'm guessing it was cut with something. Package was opened by customs as well but resealed and got to me ok. Packaging could be better.
  6. bsand99


    Can't handle their a-php - anxiety and paranoia if I take any more than the smallest amount. Problem is most RC's are shit these days - partic since the best ones have been banned in China and quality is patchy to say the least. The glory days are over.
  7. bsand99


    Got usual tracking email they are as good as their word.
  8. bsand99


    I've been using lc for about a year now and never had any problems with stealth and packaging. Mostly order 3FPM which is ok - though was better back in UK pre-ban days it has to be said. Suspect quality is an issue with most vendors these days.
  9. bsand99

    O jakim produkcie marzysz? (LegalChem)

    Google translate is great - MPA had a rel horny head to it as well without doing too much damage on your heart or nose.
  10. bsand99

    O jakim produkcie marzysz? (LegalChem)

    MPA please - my favourite ever !
  11. bsand99


    Sorry about the English but I use google translate to majke sense. Legal Chem are a great company with 3mmc from - and my 10g order has just arrived with 3cmc. Otherwise, hesitation in quality, price and stealth. Keep up the good work. Przepraszam za angielski, ale używam google translate to majke sense. Legal Chem to świetna firma z 3mmc z - a moje zamówienie 10g właśnie dotarło z 3cmc. W przeciwnym razie wahanie jakości, ceny i skradania się. Tak trzymaj.