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  1. Elwood182


    So has anyone here had stuff sent to them to uk using DHL parcel as courier? If yes, are they ok?
  2. @High voltage electrician Thanks friend
  3. Did anyone ever recieve there order from Monster? Hat jemand jemals seine Bestellung von Monster erhalten? Czy ktoś kiedykolwiek otrzymał zamówienie od Monster?
  4. Elwood182

    Shipping times

    Dzięki chłopaki . Tak, tylko poczekam, mam nadzieję, że jutro zobaczę zmianę. I nie, nie skontaktuję się z DPD. Obsługa klienta jest bezużyteczna Thanks guys . Yeah I'll just wait it out hopefully I will see a change tomorrow. And no I wont contact DPD There customer service is useless
  5. Elwood182

    Shipping times

    Zastanawiam się, jak długo ludzie czekali ostatnio na paczki podczas covid19? Mam paczkę siedzącą w tranzycie z DPD od 6 dni. Just wondering how long people have waited for parcels recently during covid19? I have a parcel sitting at in transit with DPD for 6 days now.
  6. Try chemcloud. They offer *********** shipping. Once you recieve tracking number wait for it to enter the country it will then be handed over to parcelforce and you can change your delivery to be sent to your local post office for collection. Ive never had any problems receiving anything into UK.
  7. still waiting package arrived in country on saturday so hopefully i will get before friday
    Przykro mi, że wysyłam wszystkie e-maile, jestem po prostu zestresowany. Jeśli nie możesz wysłać mi numeru śledzenia, czy możesz sprawdzić na stronie śledzenia i powiedzieć, czy moja paczka dotarła jeszcze do mojego kraju, proszę?
  9. JokerRC Can you please message me back please JokerRC Czy możesz proszę odesłać mi wiadomość
  10. I think Parcels went out ****************, thats what they told me. So hopefully will get tracking details today. Myślę, że Paczki wyszły *****************, tak mi powiedzieli. Mam więc nadzieję, że otrzymają dzisiaj szczegóły śledzenia.
  11. Oh No I think i might have been scammed . I made order on sunday night and is now thursday the vendor stopped replying to my emails, I have not heard from them since Monday and have no tracking details so i wont know if package ever lands to my post office. Please ignore my previous post They got back to me today. I will report back once i recieve tracking . Sorry Joker
  12. I just ordered some will upload photos and thoughts when arrives hopefully late in the week.
  13. I just ordered some will upload photos and thoughts when arrives hopefully late in the week.
  14. Chemcloud and Predator do, but predator only allow bank transfers after 5 bitcoin purchases i think.
  15. Thanks DontFlyTooHigh. I'll stay clear of them. I thought there prices were too good to be true Kind Regards Danny



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